We work with companies, individuals, and teams of all sizes and stages. Let's talk and see if we can be an efficient solution for you - to help you address some or all of your needs.

Technology Business Consulting. Business Development services including company formation, product development, business planning, and identification of good channel and technology partners to accomplish your mission.
Business/Lab Performance
Our specialists help you improve company, team, or lab performance in areas including Efficiency, Collaboration, and Innovation.
University Tech Licensing & Commercialization
We have considerable experience working with universities to license and commercialize technologies. We help you to work with tech transfer teams and the inventors, put in place terms and business strategies, and launch new start-ups,
Company Growth and Development Services
We help science and technology businesses with strategic product and business planning, marketing, partner development (tech, distribution), sales strategy, and fundraising guidance.
Lab Informatics & ELN Consulting
We help research organizations streamline all or part of their Informatics and Electronic Lab Notebook projects to select and deploy the right products. We apply our extensive experience with ELNs, science, and IT to save you time and money.
Gap Analysis
Identify and prioritize problems and gaps in your operations. Business, department, or lab – we help with your tools, resources, training, management, workflows, and best practices to address critical needs to improve.
Commercialization and Product Development
We assess market opportunity, perform competitive analysis and IP review, co-develop product roadmaps and sales plans, and facilitate company formation, customer identification, product validation and launch.

Innovation, Business Strategy, Launch and Turn-Around

Whether planning a new product or business unit, creating a business strategy for a new venture, or turning around an existing product or business unit, we can help develop and implement the right-sized plan.

Readiness Assessment
New projects are costly and time consuming. We help you quickly determine if the time is right to begin the process and you have the required resources and decisions, or if other changes should take priority.

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Process Stage Options

Stage 1 Activities

  • 01

    • Describe Business and Customers
    • Current Stage of Plans and Development
  • 02

    • Product/Service Definition
    • Target Markets and Pricing
    • Competition/Alternatives
  • 03

    • Initial Business/Revenue Model
    • Estimate of Costs and Roadmap Timelines
  • 04

    • Assessment of Resources
    • Collaboration/Client Potential
    • Report on Initial Analysis

Stage 2 Activities

  • 01

    • Market opportunity analysis (and Market Segments/Size/Addressable Markets)
  • 02

    • Competition and alternatives
    • Business development analysis
  • 03

    • Research market need – interview minimum 6 qualified clients/users – and gather testimonials If possible
    • Assess potential interest in targeted market sub-segments and early adopter markets
  • 04

    • Pricing (and financial profit analysis)
    • Regulatory requirements and uses +/- FDA approvals (if required)
    • Go to Market Strategy Goals

Stage 3 Activities

  • 01

    • Path to market and sales strategy
    • Product/Service Roadmap
  • 02

    • Explore additional medical applications of technology
    • Gather initial data on potential gaps in the current product/technology, and document product roadmap
  • 03

    • Develop financial model based on time savings for physicians – using head-to-head comparison measures (time to measure and record).
    • Strategic partners (including potential distributors)
  • 04

    • More specific details continuing Stage 2 deliverables
    • Initial go-to-market recommendations

Stage 4 Activities

  • 01

    • Develop Business Plan and sections (about, problem, product, product roadmap, marketing and sales, pricing, branding, packaging and delivery, competition, team, payment/reimbursement, etc.)
  • 02

    • Identify several potential early adopter customers (paid pilot project sites)
    • Investment analysis and plan
    • Financial models (revenues and costs)
  • 03

    • Extend work of earlier Stages as required
    • Create Equity/Capitalization structure model
    • Create Investor Pitch Deck
  • 04

    • Review for potential internal & partner investment opportunities and joint ventures
    • Introduce to partner organizations for potential collaborations, joint ventures, investment