Business Development

Amperand Business Development Consulting

The Amperand team can help you with a wide variety of business development activities. We have founded and grown many companies for scientific research and for lab informatics software. Areas where we may be able to help you include:
– Product assessment, market readiness, market validation, refinement, and release, as well as product roadmap definition.
– Marketing strategy and content development.
– Identifying new markets and opportunities for products and technologies.
– Technology evaluation and selection. For example – cloud and mobile strategies.
– New company formation.
– Business planning and fundraising.
– Competitive analysis.
– Sales strategies and preparation of good product demos and materials.
– Identification and formation of strategic partnerships for sales/channel distribution, marketing partners, technology and product partners.
If you have identified or thought about steps to take to grow your business, contact us and we’ll talk about how we can help (no costs or commitments to get started).

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Sep 09

Lab Protocol Management

Lab Protocols are the recipes for research success Good management of laboratory protocols is essential for successful productive research programs. Just like a fine dinner, an experiment will not come out correctly if a suitable method is not selected (or created) and followed diligently. This implies that the protocol selectedRead more
Aug 05

Technology BizDev Services

Business Development (Biz Dev) Services for great tech companies. We are working with some great companies in the Columbus, Ohio area to provide technology business development and senior management services to help them grow. They have fantastic products and technologies. We are helping them define and execute their business strategies.
Jul 16

New ELN assessment tools

Developing new tools for ELN assessments The Amperand team is developing new tools and methods to enhance the ELN Assessment process. We know that the goal for research labs is not to adopt new software, but to be as efficient as possible in utilizing software such as electronic lab notebooksRead more

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