Amperand - ELN and Technology Business Consulting


Providing Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) and Lab Informatics Consulting for R&D organizations
and Business Development and Management Services for Technology Companies and Start-ups.
ELN Consulting Services. We help research organizations streamline all or part of their Electronic Lab Notebook projects to select and deploy the right products. We apply our extensive experience with ELNs, science, and IT to save you time and money.
Lab Informatics. Our specialists help you improve lab performance in areas including Efficiency, Collaboration, and Innovation. Boosting research productivity may involve tools, training, best practices, workflow, lab management, or culture changes.
Technology Business Consulting. Business Development services including company formation, product development, business planning, and identification of good channel and technology partners to accomplish your mission.

Services and Solutions Overview

ELN Readiness Assessment. ELN projects are costly and time consuming. For small-medium labs/groups, we help you quickly determine if the time is right to begin the process, or if other changes should take priority.
Gap Analysis. Identify and prioritize problems and gaps in your lab’s information management – ELN, document management, LIMS, chem- and bio-informatics, data/ knowledge management, etc., as well as training, workflows, and best practices for your R&D.
Company Growth and Development Services. We help science and technology businesses with strategic product and business planning, marketing, partner development (tech, distribution), sales strategy, and fundraising guidance.

Selected Services

ELN Selection and/or Implementation. Amperand provides objective services to help you choose the right product for your needs and to deploy it successfully in your organization. Our experience and guided processes reduce effort and risk.
Informatics Select & Implement. Our vendor-neutral consultants help you match the right informatics products to your real requirements and can facilitate successful adoption and use in your labs. Good solutions drive greater value from your research.
Commercialization and Product Development. We assess market opportunity, perform competitive analysis and IP review, co-develop product roadmaps and sales plans, and facilitate company formation, customer identification, product validation and launch.

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